DIY  Piñata Favor Bags

DIY Piñata Favor Bags

Planning a fiesta? Give your guest these inexpensive, fun party favor bags. It's pretty simple, slightly time consuming but worth the effort!  




  • Glue
  • Crepe paper streamers (various colors)
  • Favor bags (plain)
  • Scissors

I was able to get all of the supplies at Dollar General. The size bags I bought are 5in x 8.3 in x 3in. 

Once you get all of your supplies the next step is to cut your crepe paper into strips. For the size bags I bought I cut my strips to about 16 inches. 

We are getting close to the end! Now it's time to make the fringe. Start by folding your strip into half 3 times and then start to cut. Next step, start gluing and... your all done!




  1. Cut streamer paper in strips long enough to fit around the entire favor bag.
  2. Make fringe on the streamers by cutting along one side ( I folded my strip in half three times and then cut).
  3. Put glue at the top of your strip and starting at the bottom of the bag place the strip all the way around.
  4. Layer strips, gluing in alternating colors until you reach the top. 

    Once the glue dries (30 minutes or so), you can stuff your bags and gift accordingly!
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I love this idea simple and fun. Can’t wait to try it out.


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