DIY Painted Plastic Utensils

DIY Painted Plastic Utensils

Planning a party and want to add a little pizzaz to your table top?

Today I am excited to share how easy it is to paint plastic utensils to make it fun in just about 15 minutes or less for your next party!


Item's You'll Need

  • One box of plain plastic utensils 
  • Acrylic paint (any colors you want)
  • Paintbrush


Now that you have all of your supplies the first thing to do it grab a utensil and...paint your handle.

And that is it!


  1. Select the acrylic paint colors you want to use.
  2. Using a medium wide craft paint brush, apply paint to the handles of the plastic utensils.
  3. Find a place to rest the utensils while they dry. ( I just placed them around the edge of a paper plate, worked perfectly!) 


To show case these fun nifty utensils I put them in a clear plastic cup. A mason jar would be cute too but I just used what I had and hey I don't think it looks bad. 


Note: Do not paint any area near where your mouth would be touching.

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